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Disruption Workshop


Our team are experts in innovation. We run workshops to encourage disruptive thinking about your brand, product or service. These workshops are designed to help your team develop innovation, embrace digital and think differently.


The Eve Method

We use our self developed “Eve Methodology”, an innovation framework, to ensure you get the best insights with the highest feasibility and validity.  The Eve Method encourages participants to view your offering in new ways by presenting them with a series of ‘scopes’ of thought, covering everything from internal process to product performance and consumer touch-points.

Internal Creativity

One of the largest assets a company can leverage is its people. They have internal knowledge and experience of the brand and are the best tool to represent your company’s message.  Harnessing this tool, enables you to unlock the creative mindset hidden within your team by encouraging interaction across departments and skillsets. A typical workshop takes up to 20 staff members from across your internal departments, competing against each other in small teams to deliver innovation ideas. Our framework of innovation scopes forces your team to be disruptive by thinking differently and embracing digital mindsets.

Amplify Ideas

Our Disruption Workshops can be up-scaled to further amplify ideas generated, by including external parties such as industry experts, creative professionals and relevant academics to provide additional insights, expertise and new mindsets. Our team can facilitate larger groups and various team formats to generate the best ideas for your business model. Other variables such as venue and workshop length can also be adjusted depending on desired outcomes and deliverables.

1 Day Workshop

We start the day with a brand immersion activity, highlighting your company’s ethos and aspirations to the participants. An important first step, as this unifies brand understanding.  We then begin a process of imparting knowledge and inspiration as to how to think disruptively and what is possible in the digital world. Using our agile framework of innovation scopes, we guide your teams through successive sprints to develop disruptive innovation. In parallel to this framework, the teams are each developing their own pitch to present their concepts at the end of the session, encouraging a competitive element.


We’ll collate all of the concepts generated and create a report detailing the ideas, potential commercial viability and develop an overview of any insights gained. Through a series of viability checklists and industry knowledge, our team will deliver a project road map including solutions for concepts implementation, project management suggestions and potential routes to market. Our extended network also enables us to develop proof-of-concept products and services, our teams can facilitate every step from design to prototyping.

Workshop Legacy

Half of the S&P 500 companies will be replaced over the next 10 years, many by companies which are yet to exist. This fast moving and ever changing business landscape means that now, more then ever, brands must be progressive to ensure growth and sustainability. By opening your company up to a new way of thinking, exploring innovation, embracing digital and thinking differently, you are securing your future in the market place and creating corporate longevity.

In addition, by participating, your team are exposed to new frameworks of thought and ideation methodologies which can be utilised to develop further innovation ideas and up-skill internal staff.