Experts in Disruptive Thinking

Idea generation



Is my company being progressive? Are we protected for the future? Are we missing potential channels? Our ideation consultancy offering can help you answer all of these questions by generating innovation ideas and strategies, creating market security for your brand and unlocking potential growth areas.  Our ideation roadmap allows you to stay forward-facing and allows your brand to be disruptive, embrace emerging technologies and new mindsets.


Idea Generation

Our consultants are experts in disruptive thinking, with world-class credentials in delivering disruptive innovation solutions. We work with your team to establish a series of questions which our internal teams then run through our Eve Methodology to develop a roadmap of new concepts and ideas.

No interruption to workflow

Our ideation sessions allow us to develop concepts for your brand without interruption to your current business workflow. Through this process you can gain the benefit of harnessing external experts and developing insights without any dependencies on your own internal infrastructure, workflows or staff. This no hassle approach makes this a perfect model for a brand looking to take an exploratory step into disruptive innovation.

Responsive Sprints

Our internal teams run through our agile ideation framework which, through a series of internal ideation ‘sprints’, allows us the option to work collaboratively and responsively with a client. Providing fast paced, milestone reports of ideation progress and collecting client feedback to influence the subsequent sprint. This allows ideas to be tailored based on feedback to establish the best ideas for your aspirations and goals.


We’ll collate all of the ideas generated and create a report detailing the ideas, potential commercial viability and develop an overview of any insights gained. Through a series of viability checklists and industry knowledge, our team will deliver a project road map including solutions for how generated concepts can be implemented, project management suggestions and potential routes to market. Our extended network also enables us to develop proof-of-concept products and services, our teams can facilitate every step from design to prototyping.