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Project & Product Development Services

Development & Proof of concept

Our team have a proven track record of taking innovation concepts and developing them for market. Through our extended partner network we can work with your teams to take an idea from design and prototyping through to market.

Single point of contact

Taking a concept from idea to a commercially viable offering involves a long list of teams and partners. Our consultants can build project teams and manage every step of the process to ensure you have a single, unified point of contact throughout the life cycle of your proof-of-concept project. Having a single management point and a clear selection of teams also means a smoother and quicker development process due to less need for re-briefing and handover periods between teams.

Design and Prototyping

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in product design, UI/UX concepts and prototyping, our team and partner network can manage and deliver all design phases of your project. Taking into consideration market trends, brand continuity and user experience to deliver a functional and user friendly offering. Designs can also be tested for durability and manufacturing feasibility to ensure a shorter critical-path for your product.


Our team have strong history of creating proof-of-concept prototypes for both hardware and software ideas. Developing working models for testing, manufacturing considerations and further ideation.